Carina Care is a non-profit organization that connects patients with home health assistants via an online platform. As I was hired to assist with their time-sensitive site launch, my main focus was  to solidify their design language. I also prioritized creating a better experience that would easily engage users who were less web- savvy, and may have physical limitations due to various disabilities.

Initial Steps
I began with sketches to help them solidify their user flow, as well as what their mobile experience could look like.
Early user flow sketch
Early mobile view sketch
Carina Brand Updates
Due to a quickly approaching site launch date, our next focus was finalizing their overall brand and design language. I narrowed down type-styles and updated the color palette to ensure there would be plenty of contrast for those who might have poor eyesight, as well as to provide a more modern look. These simplifications also created an easier template for developers to adopt as they were rapidly creating new sections of the site.​​​​​​​
Carina Visual Update
The next step was to develop a new visual language for Carina that would be clean and modern, as well as easy to implement in conjunction with the Agile project management system. Warm imagery, large typography, and a simple block and infocard system kept the pages easy to digest and easy to read for users.
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